Maintain Legal Compliance



With the introduction of the Fair Work Act 2009 came a renewed focus on employee entitlements through the Modern Award system and National Employment Standards.  

A raft of changes to Modern Awards apply from 2020.  If your business has employees that are paid Award rates, it is time to check-in and make sure your contracts are up to date.

There are risks for business that can result in hefty fines so if your goal is to be an employer of choice then the first thing to protect is your reputation. To protect your business from the cost of unnecessary and avoidable fines, it is worth getting it right and it is not too late.

Additionally the Fair Work Ombudsman has an ongoing program of audits and campaigns that target certain industries either nationally or state specific in their efforts to increase compliance and protect the rights of Australian workers.

Inadvertently businesses can fall behind in this critical area of legal compliance with the results causing financial loss of from penalties, loss reputation, loss of confidence by existing employees and avoidable distractions. Being under investigation is also stressful and time consuming.

HR Management Services can provide you with information, support and the tools required to meet your legal compliance with industrial relations and related employee legislation.

Manage Performance Issues



Organisations of all sizes are realising the value of engaging with employees to incorporate their ideas into strategic plans, build teams and resolve issues. Employee surveys are an effective method of keeping your finger on the pulse of your business.

Our diagnostic service fulfills several import functions:

  • Gives your employees a voice – to bring forward issues in an anonymous and confidential forum;

  • Provides a platform for ideas that contribute towards strategic planning;

  • Measures how engaged employees are, and

  • Measures differing perspectives between your management team and other employees.

  • Understanding the true cause of a problem requires thorough diagnosis. Treating a "symptom" (sign or signal of something else) without the real cause being known can often cause the underlying problem to remain hidden, fester and eventually re-emerge often as a greater issue that it was previously.

Before the signs or signals that something is wrong are overlooked or ignored, we can show you how to get to the root cause of people related issues so that your team is engaged and motivated to support your business success.

Support Managers



If only employees came with a "how to manage" book of instructions. As a Manager in a small or medium sized business we wear many hats and often find that we have to change them frequently. Stepping away from being a "technician" to being a "manager" comes with unexpected challenges and requires skills that our trade or profession failed to provide.

That's why HR Management Services focuses on helping Managers and Business owners to improve their business performance through a combination of understanding themselves and understanding how to achieve improved staff performance.

HR Management Services has more than 20 years of experience supporting and advising managers about how to achieve greater efficiency and productivity from employees and when necessary how to correct poor performance.

There are of course some basic and fundamental ways to begin and this includes:

  • Building your skills as a great boss to work for;

  • Making great hiring decisions;

  • Establishing the foundations of your employer/employee relationships and ensuring your documentation is compliant with Industrial Relations and other legislation;

  • Communicating your expectations, establishing boundaries and effectively managing people to understand both;

  • Creating a connection between you and your employees so that you both achieve your goals;

  • Having the right measurements for you, your business and your employees so that success is visible and tangible;

  • Having systems and methods of managing people that make it less stressful so that you can focus on building your business.

Onboarding Support



Onboarding begins well before your new employee commences. In fact, your Brand is being judged by candidates at the time they read your job advertisement.

To achieve the status of 'Employer of Choice' your business Brand must represent a very attractive career option for job applicants.


The term "employer of choice" simply refers to a business whose reputation as an employer precedes them. Think Google, Apple, Zappos, Aegis (Australia).


Sought after employers are not complaining about a shrinking talent pool because people are knocking down their doors to work there, such is their reputation for providing a great place to work.

And with the Australian workforce soon to be dominated by the Millennium Generation, having a comprehensive Onboarding experience is becoming a 'must have' component of your HR offering.


While there are many reasons other than Onboarding that contribute towards becoming an employer of choice, the welcome received by new employees creates a lasting impression.

Part of the experience for employees that make employers stand out is the welcome that they are given on arrival. Onboarding or induction is a critical part of the employment experience.

Our partner organisation Senza Carta can design and implement an Onboarding program that is tailored to your business, one that provides a great welcome and a wow experience so that your employees can be fully productive as quickly as possible.

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