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Don't let managing your people feel like skydiving without a parachute.

​HR Management Services  provides HR Consultant Services for small and medium sized businesses so that they can grow and prosper through the effective management and measurement of employees

How We Assist



At HR Management Services we specialise in providing HR consulting services to assist businesses to succeed through effective management of employees.  We achieve this through the selection, management, engagement and measurement of employees.

From our base north of Brisbane we support businesses across Australia by providing outsourced and virtual HR consulting services.

When it comes to measuring the success of your business, the best place to begin is through the contribution made by your employees.


HR Management Services can help you to select, manage and engage with your employees and find the right measurements for monitoring employee performance.

You can measure the success of your business performance by managing your people to achieve their performance objectives.




We specialise in three areas:

  • Industrial Relations and employment regulation compliance.

  • Employee performance, helping businesses and managers to understand and engage with employees so that employees have clarity about what they do and the expectations that are placed on them.

  • Manager Assistance - HR Management Services has become the HR 'phone-a-friend' and life-line for SME's across Brisbane.

    Employment law is daunting and managers are often confused and intimidated by situations.  HR Management Services provides Practical People Solutions - often, in the trickiest of circumstances.





Since its establishment HR Management Services has completed numerous projects and provided a wide range of services including:

  • Developed and implemented strategic HR plans,

  • Completed HR Audits and implemented compliance projects,

  • Developed enterprise specific employment contracts and policy development,

  • Developed job descriptions and designed SMART KPI's,

  • Conducted employee surveys,

  • Conducted exit interviews,

  • Provided countless hours of support, advice and solutions to people issues,

  • Designed and facilitated tailored workshops and training; and much more!

The difference between HR Management Services and other HR Consultants is our realistic, practical and commercial approach to managing people.


"Having known Shirley for over 2 years I have come to find her a huge asset to my business when employing and exiting staff. Shirley's ability to make sure we employ and exit staff correctly is only one element we entrust her to do within my business. Shirley is also great to call upon whenever I have any concerns around staffing. Highly recommend her services to anyone that requires HR even if you are a sole operator looking to expand." Ryan B Property Consultant

"Over the years, in my capacity as a manager and trainer within corporations, I have had the opportunity to work with, coach and train many people within the HR profession. Shirley Farrell is up there with the best of them. She has a down to earth approach (very important when dealing with people) but at the same time is extremely knowledgeable about Key Human Resource areas. Shirley is someone you need to talk to when considering your HR needs."  Julie Spain Founding Director Sigma Mindset

"Shirley has a great capacity to understand the key elements that power the people in an organisation and then provide structure, processes and systems to support those valuable human assets. Her skills in leadership development, coaching and mentoring are exceptional and I consider myself privileged to have worked with her." Peter H Director (multiple entities)

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