Supporting Managers

If only employees came with a "how to manage" book of instructions. As a Manager in a small or medium sized business we wear many hats and often find that we have to change them frequently. Stepping away from being a "technician" to being a "manager" comes with unexpected challenges and requires skills that our trade or profession failed to provide.

That's why HR Management Services focuses on helping Managers and Business owners to improve their business performance through a combination of understanding themselves and understanding how to achieve improved staff performance.

HR Management Services has over 15 years of experience supporting and advising managers about how to achieve greater efficiency and productivity from employees and when necessary how to correct poor performance.

There are of course some basic and fundamental ways to begin and this includes:

  • Building your skills as a great boss to work for;
  • Making great hiring decisions;
  • Establishing the foundations of your employer/employee relationships and ensuring your documentation is compliant with Industrial Relations and other legislation;
  • Communicating your expectations, establishing boundaries and effectively managing people to understand both;
  • Creating a connection between you and your employees so that you both achieve your goals;
  • Having the right measurements for you, your business and your employees so that success is visible and tangible;
  • Having systems and methods of managing people that make it less stressful so that you can focus on building your business.

HR Management Services utilizes online tools that help managers to understand their preferred management style. When you understand yourself, you can better understand why you can get along with some people better than others. As leaders it is often said that it is the leader who is responsible for adapting to their environment and not the follower. We cannot change anyone, we can only change ourselves and by changing ourselves, others change in the process.

HR Management Services works with clients using a variety of methods, including:

  • Advising,
  • Consulting, and
  • Coaching

To make a distinction between these methods, here is a description. We use these methods interchangeably and seamlessly, calling on our experience and ability to adapt to the needs of our client.


Whenever the need for advice is required it is reassuring to know that the advice you are receiving is sound and based on years of experience.

What can be a stressful and complex people issue can be viewed objectively and with more clarity when the best advice is available from the position of having "been there, done that."

HR Management Services has experience with working through some of the most difficult people problems. As your Advisor, we will help you to look at any problem from a vast array of angles to come up with the best solution available.

In a constantly changing regulatory environment it is reassuring to know that contemporary people practices are now available on an outsourced basis.


The word consultant was derived from Latin and means to "discuss". In contemporary terms, a consultant listens to a problem and then drawing from expertise in a specific field provides one or more options for consideration. A consultant may then also offer recommendations that are based on an understanding of the client's preferred outcome.

A Consultant, just like a Doctor or Lawyer, provides expert opinion and a recommend course of action upon which the client decides and takes the action. In this example, action to be taken may include giving instruction to a Doctor or Lawyer to proceed with legal action or treatment. For the Consultant, it is the same.

As your Consultant we will support and assist you through your preferred course of action keeping in mind the desired outcome.


A coach is a combination of consultant, mentor and advisor helping the client to resolve issues and problems by reflecting on how they came to be where they are which is usually as consequence of something that has occurred in the past.

Coaching assists the coachee to move to agreed actions for the future that will resolve the past problem or issue.

The future then becomes compelling and highly desirable because the client is drawn toward it, fuelled by a desire to achieve.

Working with a Coach is a journey of discovery that provides:

  • The best possible preparation to make lasting change
  • Rapid personal evolution/development
  • The ability to break free from past beliefs that limit achievement
  • Greater clarity and focus on desired outcomes
  • Clearer, sharper thinking

Coaching is used extensively in our interactions with clients because of the empowering nature of the modality and because it focuses on solutions, actions and accountability.