Maintaining Legal Compliance

With the introduction of the Fair Work Act 2009 came a renewed focus on employee entitlements through the Modern Award system and National Employment Standards.

All of this means that there are risks for business that can result from either not implementing legislative requirements or from getting it wrong. If your goal is to be an employer of choice then the first thing to protect is your reputation. To protect your business from the cost unnecessary and avoidable fines, it is worth getting right and it is not too late.

Additionally the Fair Work Ombudsman has an ongoing program of audits and campaigns that target certain industries either nationally or state specific in their efforts to increase compliance and protect the rights of Australian workers.

Inadvertently businesses can fall behind in this critical area of legal compliance with the results causing financial loss of from penalties, loss reputation, loss of confidence by existing employees and avoidable distractions. Being under investigation is also stressful and time consuming.

HR Management Services can provide you with information, support and the tools required to meet your legal compliance with industrial relations and related employee legislation.

You can check straight away on your compliance by completing our short questionnaire. You will receive a free report by return email within 48 hours.