Having the Right People for Your Business

We humans are complex beings and so being able to identify the right person for your business can be time consuming, costly and expensive – both in the recruitment of the right people and by making mistakes that lead to staff turnover or the stress and unnecessary distraction of managing poor performance.

Think for a moment about the significant cost of an investment that you might make for your business in a piece of equipment, machinery, system or in IT infrastructure. Now consider whether you would do so if you did not possess the necessary technical knowledge about the item or without due diligence in researching options or seeking the advice of an expert. Now consider the investment being made in hiring employees and think about whether you need an expert in the field of human performance.

It is very often true that we hire for skill but terminate for behaviour. Making hiring decisions based upon predictive performance has become common practice in recruitment. There is so much more to great selection than just having the technical knowledge however than focusing attention just on predictive behaviours.

At HR Management Services we are able to assist you to identify:

  • The skills and experience that will get the best result for your business;
  • The predictive performance of an individual based upon their past actions and results;

This is often where the identification of having the right people ends, so we also assist you to identify:

  • Who will best fit into your team;
  • Who will best fit with your own management style;
  • Who will be motivated to contribute to your business every day; and
  • Be a true advocate for your business.

Our Recruitment and Selection Training provides managers with the ability to delve below the surface of what applicants present at interview and help to identify the candidate who will be the best fit for your business.

HR Management Services can assist with recruitment although we do not operate in the same way as Recruitment Agencies. We welcome a discussion regarding your needs and we may provide a referral for you to an Agency that is best placed to assist you.

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