Having Effective Communication

Our ability to communicate is a significant life skill; our success in business depends upon good communication skills. Despite generational differences, quantum leaps in technology and the constant evolution of buzz words and "street talk", we still communicate with our words, our body and the intonation of our voice on the following ratio:

  • 55% body language,
  • 38% tone of voice,
  • 7% words

Despite this evolution, the fundamentals of communication between managers and employees remain the same:

  • What, where, how and when we talk to employees;
  • The instructions and directions we have in writing for their reference;
  • Our ability to provide acknowledgement, encouragement, positive reinforcement, direction, critical and correctional feedback;
  • The frequency and method of regular and adhoc communication to keep employees informed about what is happening within the business;
  • Our ability to listen to and respond appropriately and as a role model towards employees, having regard to the words, body language and tone of voice – what we call "whole of body listening"; and
  • Being a role model for how your business chooses to communicate internally and externally – with customers, suppliers, stakeholders, the community, statutory authorities and others

At HR Management Services we understand effective communication. We understand the impact that our words, actions and expressions can have on people and we are able to assist your business with the following tools that will help you to communicate effectively:

  • Welcome letters;
  • Job descriptions;
  • Polices;
  • Newsletter content;
  • Drafting of critical information; and
  • Change management;

In 95% of employee surveys, communication is raised as a common issue for business.

We consult and advice on specific communication issues, mediate between people whose miscommunication causes conflict and coach managers to be better communicators.

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