Having an Engaging Welcome

Induction begins well before your new employee commences. Induction begins with the reputation that a business develops as an employer. The term "employer of choice" simply refers to a business whose reputation as an employer precedes them. Think Google, Apple, Zappos, Aegis (Australia). Sought after employers are not complaining about a shrinking talent pool because people are knocking down their doors to work there, such is their reputation for providing a great place to work.

While there are many reasons other than an induction that contribute towards becoming an employer of choice, the welcome received by new employees creates a lasting impression.

Part of the experience for employees that make employers stand out is the welcome that they are given on arrival. Onboarding or induction is a critical part of the employment experience.

HR Management Services can design and implement an induction program that is tailored to your business, one that provides a great welcome and a short settling in period so that your employees can be fully productive as quickly as possible.

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