Diagnosing Performance Issues

Organisations of all sizes are realising the value of engaging with employees to incorporate their ideas into strategic plans, build teams and resolve issues. Employee surveys are an effective method of keeping your finger on the pulse of your business.

Our diagnostic service fulfils several import functions:

  • Gives your employees a voice – to bring forward issues in an anonymous and confidential forum,
  • Provides a platform for ideas that contribute towards strategic planning,
  • Measures how engaged employees are, and
  • Measures differing perspectives between your management team and other employees.

Understanding the true cause of a problem requires thorough diagnosis. Treating a "symptom" (sign or signal of something else) without the real cause being known can often cause the underlying problem to remain hidden, fester and eventually re-emerge often as a greater issue that it was previously.

Before the signs or signals that something is wrong are overlooked or ignored, we can show you how to get to the root cause of people related issues so that your team is engaged and motivated to support your business success.

How we can help

Our diagnostic model looks at your business from two perspectives:

  • The employee experience, and
  • The manager experience
HR Management Services - Diagnostic Model

By investing time conducting confidential interviews with your management team we are able to both uncover issues and incorporate the view and ideas from those team members who are closest to your operation.

The result is an analysis of how your business plans and strategic goals are understood by employees; how engaged they are with your vision and how motivated they are to support you on the road to success.

An anonymous and confidential employee survey is conducted concurrently with a management survey and interviews. The result provides a gap analysis of any disconnection that exists between managers and employees.

A strategic Human Resource Plan is then developed to close the gap, address issues and improve both people performance and consequently the resulting effect on business performance.

We have the expertise to implement your HR Plan or provide coaching and advice to you and your team to achieve all key outcomes.

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