HR Management Services - What We Do

We provide support to you and your business that is practical and tailored to your needs.

Our founder and Principal Consultant, Shirley Farrell established HR Management Services in 2008 to service the growing demand for outsourced, professional advice in managing people issues. This followed a successful career in corporate Human Resource Management within the retail and hospitality sectors and the establishment of a comprehensive outsourced HR Consulting service for an established Executive Recruitment Consultancy and Boutique Professional Services business.

Since its establishment HR Management Services has completed numerous projects and provided a wide range of services including:

  • Developed and implemented strategic HR plans,
  • Completed HR Audits and implemented compliance projects,
  • Consulted and project managed performance planning and feedback utilising online HR Systems,
  • Developed enterprise specific employment contracts and policy development,
  • Developed job descriptions and designed SMART KPI's,
  • Consulted on employee relationship management,
  • Conducted employee surveys,
  • Developed and delivered recruitment and selection training,
  • Conducted exit interviews,
  • Provided countless hours of support, advice and solutions to people issues,
  • Completed leadership assessments and provided coaching to develop leadership skills,
  • Designed and facilitated tailored workshops and training; and much more!

The difference between HR Management Services and other HR Consultants is our realistic, practical and commercial approach to managing people.

Employees are and always will be the most precious investment a business can make. Every employee has the ability and capacity to be a walking advertisement for your business. The investment that your business makes in its employees must deliver a return on investment; even the ones in accounting "cost centres" have the potential to attract and retain business for your business.

If this is what you are looking for then HR Management Services is the right Business Advisor in Human Resources for you.

Here is Our Commitment

HR Management Services partners with small, medium and growing businesses to create workplaces where employees are respected and valued for the contribution they make. Through collaboration and a shared vision, our clients achieve high levels of employee engagement which results in superior business performance.

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