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We make every effort to ensure that our services, products and the potential of them has been represented accurately.  Any testimonials, projected improvements, suggested or example outcomes from applying information from this this Website are simply demonstrations of results that others may have achieved. Each person's situation or outcome is reliant on personal circumstances. When visiting this Website, you agree and accept responsibility for the way in which the information is used and applied and for the outcomes that result. 

Terms of Use

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Use of Information and Resources

We make this site available for the sole purpose of providing general information on related topics and providing Internet access and search engines to identify various resources, products and services listed on the Website.

Information available on this Website must not to be taken as a substitute for legal or other professional advice that would otherwise relate specifically to you or a business entity to which you are connected and we do not warrant or guarantee the quality or quantity of any services of any of the advertisers identified. Do not use this site as a substitute for precise information or advice.

Refund Policy for Products

HR Management Services Pty Ltd will accept returns for items that are damaged in transit. You can make a claim by contacting HR Management Services within 72 hours of receiving your goods and provide photo evidence and reasons for the claim.  We will let you know what address to send your order back to, and goods must be posted within 7 days of order receipt.  You will be responsible for paying return postage and no refund will be given for postage paid for returns. Shipping costs for replacement goods will be the responsibility of HR Management Services.

If Australia Post deems a parcel undeliverable due to an error in your shipping address, a fee will be incurred upon the parcel being returned to us.  If we are responsible for an error in the shipping address, HR Management Services Pty Ltd will be responsible for additional costs incurred in delivery.

To avoid unexpected delays in delivery and or costs, please ensure that the shipping address you provide is complete and correct. When shipping to a business address, we recommend that you include the business name in your shipping details.

Discounted and Sale items are not eligible for refund.

Credit Card Disputes

If you wish to dispute a transaction you have made with HR Management Services Pty Ltd please contact us within 5 business days of the dispute arising.

If you believe that your Credit Card has been used without your authority to pay for goods or services provided by HR Management Services, please contact the issuer of the card (your Bank or Credit Card provider) and notify HR Management Services within 3 business days of becoming aware of any fraudulent transaction.


The content of this Website is displayed in good faith and is designed to help you or a business entity to which you are connected.  It is an information source and as such should only be treated as a guide. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, currency and reliability of information, you are responsible for making your own assessments of the information within the site and should seek appropriate professional advice before taking any action based on any information held on this site.

Information available on this Website must not to be taken as a substitute for legal or other professional advice that would otherwise relate specifically to you or a business entity to which you are connected.

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If you wish to obtain services from us, you should not rely solely on the information in this Website but should make specific enquiry by contacting us on the advertised telephone number.  

Applying information obtained from this Website is done so with full knowledge and acceptance of all risk by the user.  By visiting this Website and downloading any information, completing any surveyor take action on any information provided, you are accepting responsibility and acknowledging and agreeing to indemnify and shall keep indemnified HR Management Services Pty Ltd and its officers, employees and consultants against any cost, loss, liability, right of action, claim for compensation or damage arising (whether in contract, tort, under statute or otherwise) directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with the information provided to you including your business or any other person claiming through you.

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