HR Management Services is Fussy About the Online Tools we Recommend

Not all online processes promote human interaction or the effective management of staff which is why we only recommend online tools that will provide your business with an advantage.  When you consider just how much technology has revolutionised the workplace and the workforce and while the revolution has been at full tilt for ½ a century, futurists suggest that it has only just begun.  

Technology is pervasive; it affects how we manage business and employees, the way we communicate and connect, treat the sick, discover and explore, buy everything from a toothbrush to a bathroom, from a car to an island.  Our lives and livelihoods depend on the digital world.  We have been reduced to a “bar code” in a database!

Every business regardless of size is looking to technology for ways of increasing efficiency and effectiveness.  To perform tasks smarter and faster, decrease costs and increase profits.  That’s what business is about - historically, currently and unless something drastic changes I guess we can expect it to continue.

How then do we reconcile the driving force behind technology with the human contribution toward the success of our business?  There is a ground swell of interest and activities by businesses including technology driven businesses like Apple, Google and Zappos to make sure that employees remain connected and engaged with the business because they play a major role in their success and because the leaders of those businesses recognize that there is a symbiotic relationship between people and technology.  Steve Jobs was once quoted as saying:  "It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people".

Working in the area of human resource management where “human contribution and connection” is highly valued, HR Management Services is mindful of selecting online tools that support and promote the management and development of people as well as achieving commercially sound results for business.  

With this in mind we use and recommend only the tools that we believe optimise business performance while respecting each individual and the contribution they make to your organisation.  Our understanding and respect for the contribution that people bring to business is the driving force that lead to the adoption of the core value of: The Individual - everyone counts; everyone has something unique to offer; we value and respect every individual.”

With this in mind, our online tools have been selected to ensure that your business benefits from their use while supporting, developing and enhancing the employee experience.

HR Management Services utilize the following online tools:

  1. Appraisal Tools - promote performance and engagement with your staff by using a system that keeps you accountable when it comes to providing feedback
  2. MLQ Leadership Assessment & Development - measure the impact of your individual, team and organisation’s ability to lead 
  3. Discus Professional Personality Profiling - provides job matching tools; team building and promotes communication 

Our Appraisal Tools
will improve your communication and people management

At HR Management Services we understand how to measure what people do and we have great business tools that automate the performance review process.  

Having a great system is the beginning; having the support of a personal advisor and coach to help you and your team to conquer the fundamentals of people management means that your employees will be enabled to contribute towards your Vision. 

Based on International Best Practice

Our online Appraisal system helps to facilitate communication turning the annual feedback event into an engaging meeting.

Keep your employees focused on the business strategy with SMART goals and consistent KPI’s and support them to stay on track through performance monitoring and feedback; our Appraisal Tools automate the process of your end-to-end performance management.  

With an automated system in place you can design rewards and recognition to take staff performance to the another level.

What was once only affordable for big business is now within the reach of every small, medium and growing business.  The system will grow with you being fully scalable from 10 employees to thousands.

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HR Management Services Appraisal System Tech Info HR Management Services Appraisal System Tech Info (38 KB)

Here are a few benefits that you will enjoy by having online appraisal tools:

  • Ensures that your employees have clarity of work expectations and standards;
  • Enhances communication between managers and team members resulting in greater team work and engagement;
  • Reduces the subjectivity of performance review by focusing on outcomes and behaviours rather than on personalities;
  • Promotes constructive and productive appraisal discussions that result in higher motivation and employee confidence;
  • Promotes accountability through the establishment of agreed performance outcomes;
  • Allows for regular, cyclic appraisals as well as adhoc appraisals;  useful for end of probation, talent management, assessing promotion prospects and managing performance gaps;
  • Automates the time-consuming administration process of performance review;
  • Reduces employee stress and cynicism about “favouritism”;
  • Reduces the amount of reluctance and fear associated with managing difficult employee situations;
  • Provides recording and audit trail archiving of fairness when managing performance gaps between actual and required;
  • Provides access to powerful reporting metrics to measure people performance on an individual, team, department, location and organisation wide level.

Best of all, there is no need for expensive IT setup, no servers to maintain, and no software to install!  So regardless of the size of your business, you and your employees can enjoy the benefits of a powerful online performance management system.

Not Just an Appraisal System

More than just an appraisal system, additional features include:

  • Multi-rater functionality - allowing up to 5 colleagues to provide feedback; 
  • Job Descriptions - keep all your performance related documentation in one system;
  • Learning Management Module -  a powerful add-on module to manage your employee Learning and Development, Personal Development Plans and Career Development, all within the convenience of your online system;
  • Goal Management Module - create a hierarchy of goals and cascade, align and manage goals. Create KPI scorecard dashboards and update and track goal achievement in real time.  Creates a direct line of sight from the boardroom to the shop floor;
  • 360 Degree Feedback - a complete customizable 360 module,  stand alone or as an add-on to the appraisal system.  Complete 360’s for ALL your employee levels, not limited to managers.  Include customer and stakeholder feedback with the ability to invite external raters.  Experience the value of targeted narrative feedback (not just graphs).

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HR Management Services Appraisal System Tech Info HR Management Services Appraisal System Tech Info (38 KB)

Leadership Assessment and Development 

MLQ logo-with international block + practitioner

HR Management Services founder and Principal Consultant Shirley Farrell is a Leading Accredited Practitioner for MLQ (Multi-Factor Leadership Questionnaire). MLQ is recognised as a benchmark tool in leadership evaluation and executive coaching globally.

To assist Organisations in the development of their leadership behaviours and to ensure that our client’s investment in this critical area of development provides tangible outcomes HR Management Services recommends:

  • Development of leadership capability by adopting the Full Range Leadership Model (FRLM) of behaviours,
  • Adoption of consistent values by leaders and the organisation, and
  • Promotion of a unified, motivated and targeted leadership culture which in turn fosters a productive and effective company culture 

MLQ identifies the areas of leadership potential in your business, individual leadership styles are then measured by looking at naturally demonstrated behaviours and the frequency with which they are observed by others.  MLQ utilises a 3600 feedback to do this.

The Most Reliable Leadership Tool - World Wide

MLQ is the fruit of international testing, revision and validation over a period in excess of twenty years

  • It is widely used as the research benchmark for leadership in hundreds of published studies linking it to many areas of organisational performance, the big five personality factors, traits, occupational safety and so on.
  • The nine leadership styles assessed at the individual level by the MLQ5x has been found to be the preferred model in confirmatory factor analyses across cultures and different contexts (Antonakis 202).
  • The MLQ5x results are summarised in the Full Range Leadership Model - a simple memorable theory about the backbone of leadership to which all other theories should seek to relate (House, 2002).
  • So the MLQ5x scale is much more than "another tool": it enables profiling of validated leadership profiles, across cultures, different organisational types and at different organisational levels (Bass, 1997).

The MLQ5x scale uses four questions to assess each of eight behavioural sub-scales and one attribute sub-scales scale. Collectively these span the most effective exemplary influencing styles through to quite defective influencing by a leader-managers' followers and associates in organisations. Consequently application of the MLQ5x generates an extensive range of optimal through to sub-optimal profiles. These have the diagnostic power of linking various leadership patterns to many predictable outcomes. 

Sub-scale dimensions of the MLQ5x include:

  • Transformational Leadership (TF):
  • Transactional Leadership (TA)
  • Non-Transactional Leadership styles (Passive, Avoidant) (PA)
  • Outcomes of Leadership (such as Effectiveness, Satisfaction and Extra Effort).

Testimonial for Shirley Farrell, MLQ Leading Accredited Practitioner 

“I’ve been working one-one-one with Shirley since late 2008 to get the professional me back on track.  After burning myself out in a senior management role and being the go-to person to put out every fire in the business Shirley has helped me regain confidence.  More importantly though my direction and ability to set personal goals: with Shirley’s coaching I am back in control of my career and have taken positive action make it happen.  I’m adding more value than ever in my role at work without having to be the doormat.  Yes, it is possible!” D. Cox, Administration Director, Geka Gas, China

Every MLQ 3600 Report Becomes the Foundation for the Leadership Development Plan (LDP)

Some people may be born to lead however leadership skills may also be learned.  Because the MLQ measures behaviours based on the solid Full Range Leadership Development Model (Bass and Avolio) the LDP utilises coaching to achieve development in the behaviours that when applied lead to performance beyond expectations by followers. 

Too often staff and management development stops at assessment, neglecting the critical element of developing leaders.  Sending managers to external "off the shelf" workshops has been shown to be of limited value (e.g. The Karpin Report). 

However, dedicated on-the-job training provides superior return on investment and proven training effectiveness through: 

  • Professional coaching partnerships;
  • The establishment of effective coaching “boosters” within each organisation;
  • The Full Range Leadership Model; and
  • Individually-tailored leadership development plans

For individual leaders, an LDP is established in two sessions following each leader’s initial session to receive feedback from the MLQ 360º Profile Report.  Based on the objectives for leadership development arising from that MLQ assessment, an LDP unique to each leader is presented to and discussed with each leader by your Leadership Coach.

HR Management Services is proud to be associated with MLQ and through our founder and Principal Consultant we are able to offer leadership coaching by an MLQ International Accredited Practitioner.

Contact us now to discuss your leadership development requirements.

Download Leadership Development Brochure:

HRMS MLQ Brochure 2012 HRMS MLQ Brochure 2012 (365 KB)

HR Management Services Uses and Recommend DISC for:

  • Personal Insights
    It's rare that any of us have an opportunity to see a completely objective and dispassionate assessment of ourselves, and online profiling offers just that opportunity. Because this assessment is prepared automatically from your answers to a simple questionnaire, it's as fair and unbiased as it's possible to be. The resulting report can provide some acute insights into the way you behave in general, with the main focus on the way you approach your work.
  • Career Development
    The Discus system was originally developed for use in a business setting, and its reporting remains particularly useful in that context. If you're looking for general career advice, or you just want to help establish your suitability for a particular line of work, the Discus report can be highly informative.
  • Job Applications
    If you're in the process of applying for a new post, a Discus report can be a valuable addition to your application process. Discus is one of the best known names in commercial profiling, and so an objective Discus assessment can be useful addition to your application package. The Discus Online service even includes the tools you need to make your report available to prospective employers online.
  • Team Building and Communication
    Discus includes a new extension of DISC theory designed to examine a member's attitudes towards teamwork, and to identify the likely types of role that individual will adopt. Discus now includes a complete team profiling suite, capable of describing the make-up of any team, analysing the team as a whole, its leadership and the relationships within.

DISC 4 quadrants

DISC profiling - and indeed profiling in general - has been widely used in a commercial setting for a surprisingly long period of time - not far short of a century, in fact. Until recent years, though, there's been no effective way for an individual to review their own profile assessment. The Internet has changed all this, and now for the first time it's become possible to create your own personalised DISC profile in a non-commercial setting.

DISC Graphs

So, what exactly is DISC?

At its most basic it’s a way of describing the patterns in a person’s behaviour, and using that knowledge to predict how they are likely to act in the future. It works by creating graphs like those shown above, based on answers to a simple questionnaire. When we analyse these graphs further, we can uncover a host of details about a person’s approach to their work. Why would we want to do this? Well, in business terms, the advantages are clear to see. In fact, DISC has become an indispensable part of everyday life in many parts of industry and commerce. That’s especially true in HR, of course, where it’s widely used in recruitment, but – as we’ll see - it also has wide-ranging applications in areas from management and training to sales and team-building. One of the reasons DISC is of such practical value is that it’s designed to look specifically at business-related behaviours. It isn’t a ‘personality test’ as such, and it doesn’t attempt to build a complete picture of a person’s psychology. Instead, it just concentrates on describing how different individuals behave in a work setting. This simpler, but more concrete, approach means that a DISC assessment is easy to create, and straightforward to understand, while still providing powerful insights.

So what are the benefits of using an online profiler like Disc? The answers can be as varied as the many individuals who use a service like this, but here are a selection of key advantages:

It's important to be clear that a Discus assessment is not what's commonly referred to as a 'personality test', or anything of that kind. Rather, it's a tool originally developed for commercial purposes, and so its comments and recommendations are solid and concrete, rather than theoretical.

HR Management Services recommends DISC for its ability:

  • As a recruitment screening tool – to uncover a person’s preferred style as a predictor of how they will perform in a job and fit in with existing team members
  • As a complementary tool for career planning when used in conjunction with the My Career Vision providing insights to a person’s natural vocation preferences
  • As a communication and team building tool – uncovering the dynamics between relationships and providing invaluable insights for team leaders and business managers.

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