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The Contractor Myth - When your contractor is really an employee

Contractor or Employee? I am amazed to hear about examples of businesses continuing to engage so called contractors ..

Too Many Emails? Get one of these and do emails on the way to work

I want to work in the future! I didn't think I would ever say that but I have found a contraption (technical speak ..

What Employers Must Know About Flexible Work Arrangements

Have you received a request from an employee for "Flexible Work Arrangements?" Under the National Employment Sta..

Paid Parental Leave - Your Questions Answered

Are you lost when it comes to understanding the rules around parental leave in Australia? Entitlements to Parental L..

10 Reasons Why Performance Appraisals Succeed or Fail

Our Best Tips for Successful Performance Appraisals Performance management is about increasing individual employ..

Employer Score Card - Rate Your Boss!

Is this the way of the future? A website that keeps score on employers! How do you and your business rate as an em..

Brisbane workers back-paid more than $230,000

Brisbane workers back-paid more than $230,000 Fair Work Australia Media Release 11 April 2012 The Fair Work O..

Extreme Future Dr James Canton

Now we are talking “Extreme Future” In my quest for information about the workplace of the future, I..

Eight habits of highly effective Google managers

In early 2009 Google embarked upon a project to understand what separated "good" managers from "not so good" manager..

Great Advice from Australia's Fair Work Ombudsman about hiring new staff

Great Advice from Australia's Fair Work Ombudsman I’ve often said that when you establish the foundations ..

What Does the Future Workplace Look Like?

I have an admission to make. I am fascinated by the question: What will our workplaces look like in 20 years&rs..

Why Don’t Employees Follow Instructions?

It would be so much easier if they did – or would it? And…what if they did? What if people stopped th..