My Career Vision Programs

My Career Vision Program Unit PriceBasicPremium

Learn More Complimentary
  • Complimentary consultation by phone or skype
DISC Profile $240.00
  • Get a deeper understanding of your career preferences
  • Price includes debriefing session and interpretations
Introduction $190.00
  • Learn all about the journey you are about to embark upon that will take you from drudgery to career accomplishment

Consultation with your Career Coach. Allow approximately 45 minutes to gain a thorough understanding

My Career Vision Workbook $150.00
  • My Career Vision workbook which has been designed to help you focus on only the most important aspects of your next career position

Full instructions are provided on how to use your workbook. Your career values and their importance is explained. Work through 12 aspects of your career motivation to a deeper understanding of how you can turn drudgery into pleasure

Coaching Session 1 - Exploration $465.00
  • Be guided by your personal coach on how to identify your career drivers
  • Learn techniques that will uncover a deeper self-understanding of what motivates you and lead to your job satisfaction
  • Break down the elements that lead to job satisfaction by understanding the aspects associated with your ideal career move

Allow 2 hours with your Coach for a deep understanding of the Exploration process. You will work through one of the most critical aspects of your career and gain insights into your work preferences.

Exploration is then completed on your time – make the best investment in life that you can ever make – allow as much time as it takes for soul searching to be totally honest about your likes and dislikes in a career context.

Instructions within the workbook will provide our "basic" subscribers with sufficient information to successfully complete the exploration phase however; we do recommend having a coach to commence this process.

Our unique approach to career values is only available through My Career Vision

Progress Check-In $99.00
  • Designed for our Basic subscribers to support your journey - 3 opportunities to check in by phone, email or skype
Coaching Session 2 - Identification $245.00
  • Get total clarity on why, what, where and when you will stake your claim on your ideal career move

Once you have identified your career values through the exploration phase, it is time to describe how it looks, sounds and feels like when you are totally motivated and engaged with work that you love

Allow 1 hour with your Coach for the Identification Session.

Coaching Session 3 - Make it Yours $245.00
  • Stake your claim on the ideal next step by setting a compelling goal using subconscious triggers
  • Create an action plan and a sensory description that will lead to achieving the goal

Allow 1 hour with your Coach for the Make it Yours session. Your action plan is created on your time so allow whatever time it takes to get a SMART(1) action plan outlined and executed.

Sure to Impress Resume Template $45.00
  • Developed in consultation with Recruitment Consultants, our resume template is sure to impress
Coaching Session 4 - Create the Impression $465.00
  • Thorough review and advice regarding your resume
  • Learn the best ways to market yourself
  • Learn the 3 best kept secrets of how to be noticed by recruitment consultants

Following this 2 hour session with your Coach for the Create the Impression session you will be totally prepared for the selection process.

Create the Impression Review $150.00
  • Your resume reviewed with detailed feedback
  • Tips on marketing and presenting yourself

Designed especially for our "Basic" subscribers, this service is provided to put the finishing touches on your personal presentation

Program Price $879.00

1 S = Specific; M = Measurable; A Action oriented R = Relevant – connected to the outcome; T = Time bound

Optional Extras - Coaching Services – post My Career Vision - Follow up Coaching to support your career progress is available at reduced rates for Career Vision graduates

Post My Career Coaching: Interview Coaching $205.00 per 1 hr session
(regular price $245.00 per hr)
  • Learn how to be interview ready and stake your claim for your ideal next step
  • We lift the veil of secrecy on the selection process to give you an unfair advantage