Too Many Emails? Get one of these and do emails on the way to work


I want to work in the future!  I didn't think I would ever say that but I have found a contraption (technical speak for something futuristic) that will allow us to reclaim some down-time on the trip to work.

At an event that I attended last year the speaker talked about IBM's super computer named "Watson" and a few other very far out concepts that are too spooky to contemplate.  But I came across this recently and it reminded me that I had heard about it before.

Those guys at Google are quite amazing - not just because they have these ideas but they make such a motza that they can fund it too.  I can't wait until they get it into mass-production and the price comes down below a $Mil!  In the meantime, take a look as I just have a few emails to check.

Jump on board, strap yourself in and hold onto your hat for the wildest ride available in the known Universe.........

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