Employer Score Card - Rate Your Boss!


Is this the way of the future? A website that keeps score on employers!
How do you and your business rate as an employer when it comes to:

  • Culture
  • Right fit for your various age groups
  • Benefits
  • What employees can expect on a daily basis
  • This website offers a whole new angle to being an “employer of choice”, offering employees the opportunity to rate their workplace and therefore the company for whom they work.

    The site is www.workplacefit.com.au, costs nothing to join and allows members to rate their workplace.

    In Human Resources and recruitment the term “job fit” has been around for a while and commonly used to describe the suitability of a job applicant to a vacant position by looking at several dimensions of suitability such as qualifications, experience and behavioural competencies. Workplacefit has taken this and done a 180º flip to turn the concept into a process that allows job seekers to check out if their next employer is a good “career fit”.

    Great job if you ask me; I have for some time advocated that job seekers needed to take more accountability for who they worked for, what they did and where their career is heading.

    In true Gen Y style, career minded individuals who want to make sure they are joining an employer “by choice” can now take control.

    I contacted Fabian Mendes from Workplacefit about the concept for the website and here is what he had to say “We are currently in an environment where employee feedback is a double-edged sword by being seen as constructive by some, to even insolent by others. We hope to progress thinking so that both employers and employees can see the benefits of a mutually beneficial workplace culture. We are also hoping to help people of different generations (e.g. Baby Boomers, Gen X etc.) find workplaces appropriate to them.”

    The way of the future or just a trend? Think about the improvement in the overall health of the nation when people are fully engaged and loving what they do, where they do it and for whom.

    Think also about the benefit to business? If this is the way of the future: Bring it on!

    Historically, the average job seeker checks the job boards for “interesting” positions, submits a resume that is “purpose built” for the role, maybe makes a phone call or sends an email to make a connection with the agency or hiring consultant and to get “noticed”.

    This system is broken well and truly. You are who you are, you have skills and experience, you want to work for a manager or leader, someone who you connect with, brings out the best performance in you, acknowledges your effort and results. Ultimately helps you succeed to get ahead, achieve your goals, take that trip, buy the dream home.

    So let’s start again: identify what you want to do, for whom you want to work (not necessarily specifically but if you have a business idol, why not?) and a bunch of other stuff that will turn work from being a four letter word that fills in the gaps between weekends to a career that is going somewhere and ticking all YOUR boxes. Get clear on all of this, be honest with your resume and then go find the right job and employer.

    www.workplacefit.com.au can help you to find out about employers from the inside. You can identify potential employers that appeal and eliminate the ones for whom you do not wish to work. Then make that phone call or send that email; you will make more of an impression at a time when there are no jobs being advertised.

    My Career Vision was developed on the principles of creating your next career move – on purpose. If you need assistance to “design” your future career, check out the program at My Career Vision.

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