10 Reasons Why Performance Appraisals Succeed or Fail


Our Best Tips for Successful Performance Appraisals

Performance management is about increasing individual employee performance and effort through a process that assists employees to gain personal and professional satisfaction through a higher sense of meaningful contribution.

A manager is responsible for achieving results through the effort of others; through monitoring the performance of things like machinery, outputs, systems, sales, services etc., the monitoring of people is therefore a natural inclusion.

Great managers will do more than just set up a system to achieve this and check on progress, a great manager will inspire others to do more, engage people in a vision or desire to achieve an outcome; and a great manager will recognise and acknowledge those achievements.

Why then does performance management get such bad publicity and arguments that it is an out-dated process?  Because the process that is applied in many cases, fails to recognise some of the key ingredients and becomes more of a “counselling” session for employees who are under-performing.

Performance appraisal is so much more than just a meeting that is used to go over what has not been achieved; it should be a positive and motivating session and one that leads to higher outputs and a greater contribution. Read our article and learn more about what to do to get the best results from your performance appraisal sessions.

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10 Reasons Why Performance Appraisals Succeed or Fail 10 Reasons Why Performance Appraisals Succeed or Fail (265 KB)

At HR Management Services we know that a great appraisal system facilitates communication between a manager and his/her direct reports, promotes an understanding of what is to be achieved, clarifies the measurement and is much more than either an annual event or a tool to be use with an exit strategy in mind.

If your performance management system does not do this, then your system is broken or perhaps your “practices” of managing people need a check-up.

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