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Shirley Farrell, Principal Consultant at HR Management Services is an accredited Trainer and Facilitator in Points of You – The Coaching Game and Punctum. Ideal for corporate and team building workshops, change management and for "out of the box" creative thinking exercises.

Points of You - Punctum

Punctum uses colourful and thought provoking photos, life-skills topics and powerful questions to create a playful atmosphere of learning and development.

The game plays on the inter-connection between the image, word and questions to move the player’s existing thoughts and emotions on situations and problems into new possibilities.

Punctum takes its players from old perspectives to the exploration of new angles through an engaging range of activities. It inspires, entertains and delights by creating a unique opportunity to pause for a moment and consider the options.

Each photo card is open to a world of interpretations. Play it alone, in a team or with family. It’s synchronicity will amaze you!

The Coaching Game is an enjoyable, thought-provoking game that allows us to take a time-out, pause from the daily grind and look at life from another perspective. It can be used for social purposes as a fun, constructive, non-judgmental game for a group, or as a tool for personal development that enables going deeply into significant issues in our lives relationships, career, parenthood, and more examining them from new angles and points of view that deviate from those we already know. The Coaching Game can be played solo, with one other player, or in a group. With the Coaching Game, every participant is a winner.

It has become an international success and is a unique experience of inspiration, learning and development.

Points of You - The Coaching Game

The Coaching Game's ability to adapt to any number of players and an endless list of situations makes it an ideal tool to use at workshops, training and conferences.

Whether you are looking for an ice-breaker, a creative communication enabler, change workshop tool or silo breaker, the Coaching Game can adapt to bring a unique experience to your audience.

As the Coaching Game is relatively new to Australia your audience will enjoy something that is new and unique. HR Management Services welcomes your enquiry about how The Coaching Game can be incorporated into your next training.

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Praise for The Coaching Game

“I highly recommend The Coaching Game as a must have support resource for any Coaches ‘toolkit’. I love how it is such an adaptable tool which can be utilised from group activities through to individual clients. The Coaching Game makes available to all its users the opportunity for exploration of one’s thoughts and issues from different perspectives through the use of words, pictures and questions, allowing engagement of both left and right brain activity, assisting its users towards clarity and actions to pursue.”  A Dardir, Principle Coach, Potential Plus Coaching Group

“Points of you” is a magnificent “game“, “tool”, “resource”. It is packaged in this wonderful environmentally friendly wrap. The cards themselves are intriguing, beautiful and confronting. After showing them to friends and clients I can say that their power is profound. I have had people sob, go away and create art works; for some it has been a simple affirmation about whatever they need to do and the card selected was for them just what they needed to do.”  April Dawson, Acupuncturist The Grange Qld

"I have run my own business for 4 yours and I felt it was time for me to take a look at my Business from the outside, however I wasn’t sure how to go about this in an authentic way.   I wanted to know if my intentions of how I wanted to be perceived matched what my networking colleagues and my clients were receiving. It felt almost impossible until Shirley suggested using the 360 Feedback process.
I felt this was a great way to gain an insight into how I am perceived in the market. The design of the survey was personalised to exactly what I wanted, as the business owner I had full say on what questions were going to be asked. It was fantastic to have Shirley take me through the process because even though on the surface this looks like a standard Customer Feedback Survey the feedback could be received very personally. Shirley was able to reassure me every step of the way and I found it a very useful way of receiving suggestions and feedback on my business.
On a practical level I found the report to be very useful as it provided me with a clear picture for improvement and also a confirmation of what is working. The report has given me a sense of direction for the new year. If you feel you need an outside review of your business I would highly recommend this process.  It’s a great way to check in with your audience to see how they are seeing you and your business."
 Chris Wildeboer, Balance Central

“Thankyou for introducing me to The Coaching Game. I recognised immediately what a great concept this would be for coaches. It has an amazing ability to take an issue or problem and through the magic of the cards, provide reflection or contrast to the issue allowing new solutions to emerge from our creative side. As a coach and facilitator I know that it will always present a different point of view to each person who plays.”  Pam Fulcher, Coach at All About Choices

The game includes:

  • 65 Coaching Cards each depicting a topic by a visual point of view.
  • The Coaching Game activates a special link between topics and words, pictures, and questions. This link enables exploration into issues and processes that are significant in our lives, leading to awareness. The Game then entices you to consider and take action by generating new points of view by shifting automatic patterns that we've been following unconsciously.
  • A 165-page, full-color Coaching Book, each two-page spread of which is dedicated to a topic and treats it in 360 "surround-look" depicted by a story (folk tale or true story); relevant quotes (deliberately contradictory so as to stimulate discussion and broaden points of view;) and concrete coaching queries that aid our understanding of how a particular issue relates to everyday life; and associative thoughts.
  • A process chart enabling exploration of a specific issue and a notepad for insights and actions.

While The Coaching Game is designed for professionals, it makes a great tool for individuals. It is fun and easy to use and can be played socially with family and friends revealing countless points of view in never ending ways. Whichever way you perceive your point of view, the Coaching game reveals a different "Point of You!"

The Coaching Game is an extraordinary gift we can give ourselves or someone we love. Moreover, it's a gift that lasts a lifetime, one that can be taken out whenever we're vacillating, decision-making, or emotional or just for the fun of it!

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