My Career Vision – Career transition and advice for your ideal next step

Helping you find your ideal "Next Step"


Imagine how you will feel – pumped and ready every morning to conquer every challenge? If you have been looking for the right career move that will have you so empowered that splitting atoms will seem like a kindergarten activity, then you will love My Career Vision.

My Career Vision provides the clarity that you have been looking for; taking the next step and making it the right one for you so that you are totally motivated to conquer challenges and obstacles – every day.


The purpose of My Career Vision is to increase job satisfaction by identifying your internal "career drivers." The term "career drivers" refers to the levels of motivational response that you have toward the work that you perform, with whom you work, the environment in which you work and a number of other aspects. When you feel stimulated to do more as a consequence of these factors – it is referred to as your motivational or career drivers.

Vision for the Future

With My Career Vision you will create a mental image of your future, set a goal toward securing the ideal position and take all the right actions that will lead to securing it.

The end result is a career selection or career move that is "on purpose" and proactive rather than a response to a job advertisement that "sounds good."

Get More Information

Find out more about My Career Vision by reserving a no obligation consultation where you will find out what is involved, how My Career Vision works and what you can expect to achieve.

Here Is What My Career Vision Provides

With the My Career Vision package you will be able to:

  • Access your personal Coach who will guide and support you through the process;
  • Define your ideal next career step by breaking down the elements that contribute to job satisfaction;
  • Achieve a deep understanding of your career drivers;
  • Identify your personal work preferences so that you are ready create a clear mental image for your career and your ideal "Next Step";
  • Set a compelling goal toward securing the appointment that you seek;
  • Prepare with confidence for the application, interview and selection process;
  • Have the ability to market yourself into your ideal "Next Step."

Our Expertise

HR Management Services founder Shirley Farrell has over 15 years experience in Human Resource Management. From corporate environments to commercially focused consulting and recruitment, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to helping people connect with a career that they will love.

We "lift the veil of secrecy" on the recruitment and selection processes used by companies and recruiters so that applicants have a greater understanding of how to fulfill the selection criteria.

You can be confident about your next career move when you are supported throughout the process by an experienced Coach who cares for your future career satisfaction!

What You Can Expect From My Career Vision

Upon completing My Career Vision you will:

  • Be energized and motivated about what your future holds;
  • Have crystal clarity about the right career path;
  • Be able to step into your focused career path;
  • Be prepared to propel your career in the direction that YOU choose;
  • Get on track toward your ideal next step;
  • Have the inside information on how to impress recruitment agencies.

Who Will Benefit from My Career Vision

My Career Vision is suitable for school leavers, career transitioning and people who want to have a connection between their passion and their pay-check.

If you are feeling stuck, frustrated or concerned about your job prospects, My Career Vision can help you answer any of the following questions:

  • How can I find the right job
  • Where do I go from here
  • How do I find a job that will motivate me
  • How can I find a job that I will truly enjoy
  • How can I get a job that utilizes my true passion
  • Where am I heading
  • What job will best suit my skills and strengths
  • How will I ever find job satisfaction
  • How will I know that the next job will be right for me
  • How will I ever return to the workforce
  • How can I find a manager who will inspire me to do great work
  • How can I reach my true potential
  • What kind of job will make me really happy
  • How can I find a job where I can balance my interest and commitments and meet my career aspirations
  • How do I make a career change at this stage of my life
  • How do I identify the right career path for me
  • What can I do to take control of where my career is heading

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