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When it comes to the effective management of employees there are some simple and fundamental principles to achieving top performance:

  • Communicate expectations clearly, provide regular updates and reminders;
  • Be a role model for how you want others to perform and conduct themselves;
  • Establish SMART goals and a culture of accountability;
  • Set objective and consistent measurements;
  • Monitor performance regularly, adjust targets if required;
  • Show interest in what your employees are doing and achieving;
  • Provide support, feedback and encouragement - often;
  • Address performance gaps (as they arise);
  • Take immediate action to correct unwanted behaviours and conduct that is incongruent with your expectations;
  • Acknowledge and reward the "right behaviours" and goal achievement; and importantly;
  • Make sure that successes are celebrated appropriately.

We can measure the success and performance of our business in many ways but the true measure of performance is not the inanimate object that we call the "business" but rather the contribution of the people that make up the business.

So it makes perfect sense to ensure that you have the best possible methods and systems to "appraise" and acknowledge the real "'performers" in your business: your employees!

Here are some reasons why a performance appraisal system is a critical element for your business:

"A 25 year long Gallup Organisations study based on interviews with 12 million workers at 7,000 companies found that the relationship with a manager largely determines the length of an employee's stay." Kaye, B & Jordan-Evans, S (2005) Love Em or Lose Em, Berrett Koehler

"Good news for businesses is that in most cases, staff loyalty in business has nothing to do with money…If you don't capture the hearts and minds of an employee, no amount of money will keep them long-term." Denis Orme – CEO, Insurance Brokers of New Zealand. Robert Half Finance & Accounting (Aug 2005) from

"A disengaged employee costs an organisation an average of $10,000 in profit annually; as a result organisations with high engagement are 78% more productive and 40% more profitable." Global Human Capital Consultants AON Hewitt

At HR Management Services we understand how to measure what people do and we have great business tools that automate the performance review process.

Having a great system is the beginning; having the support of a personal advisor and coach to help you and your team to conquer the fundamentals of people management means that your employees will be enabled to contribute towards your Vision.

Based on International Best Practice

Our online Appraisal system helps to facilitate communication, SMART goal setting, consistent KPI's, performance monitoring and feedback and automates the process of end-to-end performance management.

What was once only affordable for big business is now within reach of every small, medium and growing business. The system will grow with you being fully scalable from 10 employees to thousands.

We can provide a no-obligation Online Demo and 7-Day Free Trial – call 07 3124 5006 or email

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HRMS Appraisal Tools Brochure 2012 HRMS Appraisal Tools Brochure 2012 (573 KB)

Here are a few benefits that you will enjoy by having online appraisal tools:

  • Ensures that your employees have clarity of work expectations and standards;
  • Enhances communication between managers and team members resulting in greater team work and engagement;
  • Reduces the subjectivity of performance review by focusing on outcomes and behaviours rather than on personalities;
  • Promotes constructive and productive appraisal discussions that result in higher motivation and employee confidence;
  • Promotes accountability through the establishment of agreed performance outcomes;
  • Allows for regular, cyclic appraisals as well as adhoc appraisals; useful for end of probation, talent management, assessing promotion prospects and managing performance gaps;
  • Automates the time-consuming administration process of performance review;
  • Reduces employee stress and cynicism about "favouritism";
  • Reduces the amount of reluctance and fear associated with managing difficult employee situations;
  • Provides recording and audit trail archiving of fairness when managing performance gaps between actual and required;
  • Provides access to powerful reporting metrics to measure people performance on an individual, team, department, location and organisation wide level.

Best of all, there is no need for expensive IT setup, no servers to maintain, and no software to install! So regardless of the size of your business, you and your employees can enjoy the benefits of a powerful online performance management system.

Not Just an Appraisal System

More than just an appraisal system, additional features include:

  • Multi-rater functionality – allowing up to 5 colleagues to provide feedback;
  • Job Descriptions – keep all your performance related documentation in one system;
  • Learning Management Module - a powerful add-on module to manage your employee Learning and Development, Personal Development Plans and Career Development, all within the convenience of your online system;
  • Goal Management Module – create a hierarchy of goals and cascade, align and manage goals. Create KPI scorecard dashboards and update and track goal achievement in real time. Creates a direct line of sight from the boardroom to the shop floor;
  • 360 Degree Feedback – a complete customizable 360 module, stand alone or as an add-on to the appraisal system. Complete 360's for ALL your employee levels, not limited to managers. Include customer and stakeholder feedback with the ability to invite external raters. Experience the value of targeted narrative feedback (not just graphs).
  • Client Testimonial for Customised 360 Degree Feedback

    "I have run my own business for 4 yours and I felt it was time for me to take a look at my Business from the outside, however I wasn’t sure how to go about this in an authentic way.   I wanted to know if my intentions of how I wanted to be perceived matched what my networking colleagues and my clients were receiving. It felt almost impossible until Shirley suggested using the 360 Feedback process.
    I felt this was a great way to gain an insight into how I am perceived in the market. The design of the survey was personalised to exactly what I wanted, as the business owner I had full say on what questions were going to be asked. It was fantastic to have Shirley take me through the process because even though on the surface this looks like a standard Customer Feedback Survey the feedback could be received very personally. Shirley was able to reassure me every step of the way and I found it a very useful way of receiving suggestions and feedback on my business.
    On a practical level I found the report to be very useful as it provided me with a clear picture for improvement and also a confirmation of what is working. The report has given me a sense of direction for the new year. If you feel you need an outside review of your business I would highly recommend this process.  It’s a great way to check in with your audience to see how they are seeing you and your business."
     Chris Wildeboer, Balance Central

    We can provide a no-obligation Online Demo and 7-Day Free Trial – call 07 3124 5006 or email

    Want more information? Download our brochure:

    HRMS Appraisal Tools Brochure 2012 HRMS Appraisal Tools Brochure 2012 (573 KB)

    HR Management Services Appraisal System Tech Info HR Management Services Appraisal System Tech Info (38 KB)